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Denver FINRA Attorneys

Denver securities lawyers advocating for victims of financial fraud

Gersh & Thomaidis, LLC has more than 40 years of experience in protecting the rights and interests of individual investors. Clients benefit from our depth of knowledge of the rules and regulations of both the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the self-regulatory organization for the brokerage industry, and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as our experience working with them.

Gersh & Thomaidis, LLC provides personalized service and strategic and experienced advocacy for clients in the following areas:

  • Securities fraud ― Securities fraud happens when state and federal rules and laws are violated due to the deceptive actions of a stockbroker, brokerage firm, corporation or investment bank or another entity to cheat or take advantage of investors and misrepresent information given them.
  • Ponzi schemes ― Investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors until the scheme collapses is called a Ponzi scheme. Miles M. Gersh was quoted in a July 2011 article about a Ponzi schemer called “The Biggest Green Scam in America” published in 5280 The Denver Magazine.
  • Investment fraud and stockbroker fraud ― These types of fraud occur when a stockbroker, investment or other financial advisor or firm acts negligently. Innocent investors may be able to recover all or part of any resulting losses caused as a direct result of this negligence.
  • Mediation and FINRA arbitration ― These are efficient and economical ways of resolving disputes with stockbrokers or investment firms without using the courts.
  • Appeals ― Gersh & Thomaidis, LLC can help you appeal an unfavorable order or judgment entered against you. We can also assist you in defending an appeal of a case you have won. While it is difficult to appeal a FINRA arbitration, we can assist you by finding out if your case falls within the limited opportunity for such an appeal.

Denver FINRA law firm aggressively protecting clients

If you have been victimized by financial fraud, misrepresentation or any other illegal misconduct from an individual or firm handling your investments, call Gersh & Thomaidis, LLC at 303-293-2333 or contact the firm online to schedule a complimentary consultation. We understand what is at stake for you.