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Denver Securities Arbitration Attorneys

Put your case in the hands of experienced Denver FINRA arbitration lawyers

Gersh & Thomaidis, LLC is a Denver securities arbitration law firm with a proven track record of achieving favorable results for our clients in disputes with their stockbrokers or brokerage firms through direct settlement, mediation or trial. Our attorneys help our clients understand which claims may be appropriate or eligible for arbitration.

More than half of our practice involves handling arbitrations, with the majority of cases resolved through direct settlement or mediation prior to an arbitration hearing. If a case does go to court, our securities arbitration attorneys are skilled in litigation. We maximize the strengths of your case to win the best results possible.

Most securities disputes are handled through arbitration because people sign contracts that have arbitration clauses. Indeed, most people can’t open an investment account or conduct a complex business transaction without signing such a provision. If you didn’t sign an arbitration clause, you can choose to arbitrate or litigate your dispute. The attorneys at Gersh & Thomaidis, LLC can advise you on the best avenue to take.

Differences in FINRA dispute resolution

Disputes between investors and FINRA stockbrokers and brokerage firms can be resolved in arbitration or mediation. Gersh & Thomaidis, LLC will safeguard clients through:

  • Mediation ― Mediation is an informal, voluntary and non-binding process. A mediator facilitates negotiations between the disputing parties and helps them find a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute.
  • Arbitration ― This formal dispute resolution process enables disputing parties to make or respond to a claim. Most securities arbitration disputes are filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). An arbitrator, who is a neutral third party, is selected to listen to the arguments of the disputing parties, study their testimony and evidence, and then make a decision on the matter. When you arbitrate your claim, you waive the opportunity to have the same matter tried in a court of law afterward because an arbitration award is final and binding. Arbitration is cost-effective and minimizes stress for clients.

The Denver securities arbitration law firm you want on your side

When you want to mediate or litigate a securities dispute, call Gersh & Thomaidis, LLC at 303-293-2333 or contact the firm online to schedule your complimentary consultation. We understand what is at stake for you.